August 2nd 2013

Oh - hey, it's been a while. Rest assured we have not vanished from the face of the earth. Bassist/vocalist Rune fathered twins in May and have been busy ever since. Hopefully during fall we'll be able to bring the noise and whatnot once more.

Stay tuned, and thanks for your support!

January 15th 2013

Our friends at Vertshuset in Sarpsborg have invited us back for a gig, so we're pleased to announce our 2nd gig of the year on February 23rd. We're really looking forward to playing Sarpsborg again!

January 12th 2013

Aaaaand we're back. We'll be playing a gig in Ørje at Rått og Rococco on February 16th. CC kr 100,-

Doors open at 10 pm, the band will enter the stage sometime just after 11-ish.

December 21st 2012

Happy holidays!

Enjoy the season for whatever reason! Heck, if YOU don't enjoy the season, then be happy for the ones who do!

December 8th 2012

Finally we've managed to upload a few photos from Vertshuset.

All photos by Helene B. Viddal, you'll find 'em here.

November 9th 2012

It has been a busy week. I think we're ready to call it a weekend on a positive note.

The review from Sarpsborg Arbeiderblad is available under "Reviews" - we've even thrown in a shoddy translation for you english speaking lot.

3 videos from our gig in Sarpsborg are readily available under "Videos". You can also find them and a few more here.

Right now we'll call it a weekend. Have a great one!

November 8th 2012

Just a quick note on the future.

Our search for a new singer is over as the success of the gig on Saturday had the band ask Rune to take vocal duties on full time, which he has gladly accepted. At least that's off our todo list.

We are looking for a new guitarist and have a few names on the list. We will be auditioning the first one on Tuesday - so we'll know more about our situation then.

November 7th 2012

Wow - dette har vært litt av en uke. Fra en høydare av en konsert på Vertshuset i Sarpsborg til den kalde realiteten av å spille i et band...

Etter en god og varm samtale i dag skiller våre og Olas veier. Det ligger ingen form for dramatikk bak dette, annet enn at bandet fortsetter med en venn mindre.

Vi ønsker å takke Ola for den innsatsen han har lagt ned for bandet, vi har hatt mange morsomme

stunder sammen - for fucks sake Ola, du har varma opp for Jørn Lande!

Vi har lyst til å si det på ekte råneharry Manowar vis:

"Let us drink to the power drink to the sound
Thunder and metal are shaking the ground
Drink to your brothers who are never to fall
We're all brothers of metal here in the hall"

Wow - it's been quite the week. From the heights of our gig at Vertshuset in Sarpsborg on Saturday to the harsh reality of being in a band...

Having had a good and heartfelt conversation today Ola and us are headed separate ways. There is no drama behind this, other than the fact that the band are continuing on one friend down.

We wish to thank Ola for the effort he has put into this band, we've had many a laugh along the way. For fucks sake Ola, you've played support to Jørn Lande!


Rune, Espen and Bjørn

We'll let Ola have the final word:

Ola Svanstrøm:

"Det er med et noe tungt, men samtidig letta hjerte jeg nå tar steget ut av Plögg. Vi er enige om at dette er det beste for bandet og for min del betyr det tid til andre ting. Jeg har nok nådd mitt potensiale hva metallmusikk angår, så det er på høy tid at noen andre kan få muligheten til å dra Plögg et steg videre.

Jeg vil gjerne takke Rune Baptiste Karlsen, Bjørn Karlsen, Espen Johnsen, Bjørn-Olav Brenno og Karin Larsen for det som for meg har vært et herlig rockeeventyr. Hadde noen for tre år siden fortalt meg at jeg skulle få spille på storscena på Kulturhuset, på en rockefestival eller faktisk stått på en scene i Sarpsborg og spille gitarsolo, synge solo og spille keyboard foran et publikum, hadde jeg nok tvilt deres mentale helse.

Jeg sitter igjen med nye og kjære vennskap til fantastiske mennesker og masse gode minner. Samtidig har tiden i Plögg lært meg masse som gitarist og korist.

Det er INGEN sure miner fra min side og jeg ønske gutta og Karin alt godt i tiden framover og jeg kommer til å stå fremst ved scena ved neste Plöggkonsert!

Jeg vil også takk alle små og store Plöggfans som har støtta meg og bandet i disse årene, fortsett med støtten folkens!

Takk for meg! :) "

November 4th 2012

Damned. Holy frigg! Tender crazyness.

Our first ever gig in Sarpsborg turned out beyond our wildest dreams. Although there was plenty of room for more people, the people that did turn up gave us a welcome not to be forgotten. Thank you to Lars and the crew @ Vertshuset, thanks you to our friends from Askim who made the trip and thank you to all our new friends in Sarpsborg. We will surely be back!

Thank you Svein for driving, rigging, roadieing and übercoolness!

Also thank you as always to Vidar Simensen for his continued support.

Here's a little taste of what last night was like:

Plögg - Run to the Hills - Live at Vertshuset, Sarpsborg November 3rd 2012

Plögg - Winter is Coming - Live at Vertshuset, Sarpsborg, November 3rd 2012

September 21st 2012

Rehersals are shaping up. There's still a few things to sort out, but overall we're making progress.

It's been a while since we've been out playing to you folks, and this'll be the first gig without Bob - which will be interesting. Hope to see you lot out there on November 3rd.


September 1st 2012

We promised news. We have a gig on November 3rd at Vertshuset Cafe & Bar in Sarpsborg. More details to come!

Update: Free entrance. The band will hit the stage at around 11-ish. We'll have about 2 hrs of music for you, and all that for the price of...nothing! See ya there!

More info here!

August 27th 2012 looks like the drums are down for all 8 tracks on our new demo. The band will have a runthrough of the songs tomorrow and figure it out. We're once again doing the work ourselves - since we've clearly not learned from last time what a bad idea that really is. There is a plan behind the madness though...

What else? Well, more exciting news will be posted later this week.

Stay safe!

August 22nd 2012

As we continue looking for a new singer, we're simultaneously working on our new demo. Who says guys can't multi-task!

August 19th 2012

Major changes on the horizon. We've just decided to part ways with our vocalist Bob, basically due to his schedule and commitments no longer allowing him the time needed to give the band the kind of focus he (and we) feels Plögg deserves.

This means, as of now, we're looking for a new singer. If you're interested, or have any tips on suitable replacements, please drop us a line at:

We wish to thank Bob for his efforts and the excellent time we've had together. We'll be seeing you, brother!

Rune, Bjørn, Espen and Ola

August 16th 2012

Starting today, we embark on the long and winding road of trying to record a new demo. Our goal is to record a representative collection of songs that (hopefully) shows our progress since last years demo.

Today's task: Set the drum sound.

This means there won't be any new gigs on the horizon in the near future.

June 20th 2012

Ok - Summer's here and what have we done and where are we headed? With only one gig under our belt this year so far, we've taken a step back to figure out where to go next. We're spending time tweaking our tunes and trying to figure out what works what what doesn't. Chances are we'll be locked in at our rehersalspace for a while trying to figure ourselves out - this is not a bad thing, but you most likely won't be seeing us on a stage anytime soon. Until next time, stay safe :) 

April 9th 2012

Thank you to each and everyone who attended our gig at Corner in Askim on the 6th. We're humbled by the response, and despite some technical issues, we're happy with the gig! Hope to see you all again soon.

Our friends at Shoot The Show wrote this review and posted these awesome photos on their site. Thanks guys, it's much appreciated!

Also, thanks to the great people at JVX Audio and Vidar Simensen, and of course Tor Raymond from Sørgekåpe for backline and always übercoolness!

April 5th 2012

Preparations at Corner Rock & Fotball are well under way. We've just inspected the stage, and the audience area. Everything is well in order for tomorrow. Hope to see ya guys!

March 20th 2012

Just a reminder we're only a few weeks away from this years first gig. We're working on getting a few more booked - but more on that later when everything's been confirmed. We're hoping to see as many of you as possible at Corner Rock og Fotball on the 6th of April.

Don't forget to visit us on Facebook (

Updated March 29th: Tickets for the event are available at Corner Rock og Fotball starting tomorrow, Friday 30th.

February 28th 2012

Hey boys and girls! Just a quick hello to let you know we've been booked at this years 'Afterski' event at Corner Rock og Fotball in Askim. The fine people at JVX Audio has been kind enough to invite us to play, and we're not saying no! This will be outdoors in the alleyway, and things kick off at 6pm with Rock DJ Esben Eng, before Plögg enters the stage a little later in the evening. Svigermord will be headlining. More info here.

January 9th 2012

By golly, so a new year is upon us... We're working on getting those much talked about gigs booked, stay tuned as info will be posted as soon as we know.

Btw - we forgot to mention this, but 2 more songs have been uploaded to NRK Urørt: "(So much for) Therapy" and "The Way I Live". Visit us, listen and leave a comment if you like.

Also, you find us on Facebook just about here.

December 19th 2011

Well, we're pretty much done with 2011. We had our last rehersal last Thursday and'll take some time off for the Holidays. We think it's well deserved!

The year started with us relocating to our new rehersalspace in January, which was also when Bjørn joined us on drums. After a slightly iffy start things quickly started shaping up and Bjørn has provided us with a backbone and security to devolp our tunes. We're also enjoying the privacy and comfort of our new rehersalspace which has given us a great home.

The band returned to the live stage this fall with gigs at both Knokkelrock and Høstrock, and both gigs turned out really well. Since then, as you all know, our main focus has been on getting the demo down, and we finished work on that in late November. 2 songs from the demo are available at NRK Urørt, Reverbnation and MySpace. Feel free to listen to the songs on there, it's much appreciated by the band.

We've been around as a band for 2 years now, and our goal is to get out there and play more gigs to you people. 2011 has not been all we wanted it to be in terms of playing live, so that's our main focus for 2012.

We would like to thank each and everyone who turned up at either one of our gigs, and we especially enjoyed the reception we got at Høstrock this year. We'd also like to thank Edvard Rødseth and Knokkelrock and in particular JVX Audio and Vidar Simensen for support thoughout the year. You rock!

So - to each and everyone of you, have a fantastic Christmas and a very happy New Year!

See ya in 2012!

December 14th 2011

Just a quick note to let ya'll know our friends at JVX-Audio finally's got their website up and running. Visit JVX-Audio here.

And be sure to visit their Artist section ;)

December 13th 2011

Just a quick hello to inform you that the galleries have been updated. Thanks to Helene B. Viddal for taking the photos and for photoshopping. You did an amazing job!

December 2nd 2011

More songs online. Visit Plögg at NRK Urørt for "Six Shot Messiah" and "Familiar Roads". The sound quality is better than the ones at Reverbnation.

Updated december 26th. Do us a favour and listen to the songs on Urørt, and/or download (last ned) them. It'll improve our ranking on Urørt, which is much appreciated!

November 26th 2011

Demo is done. Could most probably have tweaked and polished some more, but I'd like my life back. 

For a sample, go to Reverbnation and listen to Familiar Roads. Shoddy soundquality due to file size restrictions.

Oh, and happy 30th Felicia!

November 18th 2011

A sad day in the life of a musician: This snare drum head was installed in the summer of 1992, we're suspecting June. At yesterdays rehersal it ended it's long and true service, reaching a massive 19 yrs, 5 months in service. We're saddened, but are hopeful it's replacement will serve us at least half as well. All hail the mighty snare drum head!

November 14th 2011

Ok - so we put the final vocals and backing vocals (yeah, just "vocals" would be sufficient...) on tape (memory card...) last Thursday. It's just about mixing things down now. Maybe tweaking some solos and whatnot, whatever. This is not an album, it's a friggin' demo. If you,re wondering, yes there is a final track listing:

Six Shot Messiah, Familiar Roads, Forever Non-Core, (So Much for) Therapy, To Hell and The Way I Live. 6 tracks. Quite possibly available for download (or at least listening) sometime early december. Sounds good? Ok then!

October 13th 2011

Recording is tedious work, pt. II. We've gotten as far as having most of the rythm guitars down and hopefully we're starting on vocals next week. It all depends on how recordings go today. We're now looking at 5 or 6 songs on the final demo after realizing one of the songs won't work. It's basically a matter of how much time we want to spend recording and how much time we want to spend writng new material and rehersing for gigs.

Talking of gigs, no new gigs planned so far this year, but we're aiming for January and February, we'll keep you posted.

October 3rd 2011

Demoing is tedious work. We're mostly recording these songs for ourselves, if we decide the stuff is good enough we'll post them somewhere on the net. With limited time, you usually get limited results, so we'll see what comes out of it. We're aiming at 7 tracks, which is quite possibly a stretch.

Tracklisting is as follows:

Forever Non-Core
Familiar Roads
Six Shot Messiah
A Tale of Fury
To Hell
(So much for) Therapy
The Way I Live

Anyways, stay safe, talk soon!

September 13th 2011

And that concludes our return to the live scene! We're thrilled about the feedback we've gotten from Knokkelrock and Høstrock in Askim. It's been 9 months since we got our new drummer in, and our persistence has paid off. We're now looking ahead and our priorities are writing new material (we have about 6 half finished songs on the shelf), recording a demo and booking new gigs. Oh, and signing a contract with our new manager! It should be some interesting months ahead.

We would yet again take this opportunity to thank everyone who made Høstrock such a great experience for us. Nights like that are why we spend hours, weeks and months in a smelly rehersalspace playing the same songs over and over again.

September 11th 2011

Thank you each and everyone who turned up at Kulturhuset in Askim yesterday. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! There's something truly magical when you connect to a crowd like we did yesterday. Smaalenene newspaper even has an article about the event. The band is thrilled about this comment:

Bendiksen var imponert over Indre Østfolds lokale band, og likte spesielt godt Plögg."
("Bendiksen was impressed by Indre Østolds local bands, and in particular Plögg")

We would like to extend a big thank you to Southern Outlaws and Sørgekåpe, but more importantly Vidar Simensen of JVX Audio for yet another awesome night of rock and roll. You guys rule. Photos from the event will be published shortly.

Update: Skrotorama has published this awesome article today. Thanks!

Update: And even more photos @ Skrotorama here!

September 6th 2011

Just your friendly reminder: Askim Kulturhus, this Saturday. Plögg, Southern Outlaws, Sørgekåpe and JORN. NOK 240,-

Our friends at Skrotorama seem to look forward to the event as well.

Tickets here.

September 5th 2011

A reminder that Høstrock kicks off on Saturday Sept. 10th. After seeing the abysmal attendances at Kraftfestivalen (Kurt Nilsen being the only exeption), Knokkelrock and now Høstrock in Sarpsborg we challange each and everyone in Østfold to get out and support your local bands and promotors. For the price of 4 beers, you get 4 bands (2 local, 1 national and a world wide artist).

If you decide it's not for you...shame, shame on you...

August 25th 2011

It's nice being noticed - although no review of our actual gig at Knokkelrock, our efforts during the jam was greatly appreciated. has a nice review of the event.

August 22nd 2011

Page is up - a bit of troubleshooting and editing - and hopefully things will work...

Remember to come see us @ Høstrock in Askim on September 10th. The lineup is as follows:

Plögg - approximately 7:30 pm (club stage)
Southern Outlaws - our boogierockin' friends (main stage)
Sørgekåpe - presenting new and old favourites (main stage)
JORN - One of rock and metals finest singers (main stage).

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